Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

ZAOKRET D.O.O. is the organizer of Business Cafe event, which takes every two moths (the Organizer). Reservations and ticket sales for the event is done through the online shop. Ticket is an object, information or digital good that allows entrance to the event for which it is purchased. ZAOKRET D.O.O. guarantees system security and validity of tickets purchased only through official sales channels posted on our website. All types of tickets that ZAOKRET D.O.O. offers are used in a way that the first person who uses the ticket is allowed to enter the event, unless the ticket is personalized i.e. associated with the first and last name of each customer. In that case the organizer can verify your identity by examining the official ID card or passport at any time during or before the event.

Sales channels for the event are the Internet shop and cash register at Venue. Depending on the needs of the Organizer, tickets can be sold outside the designated sales channels. The organizer reserves the right to change the program and any subsequent updates of the price of admission.

Using the Ticket

By purchasing a ticket the visitor accepts this terms of use as well as rules of conduct on the site of the event as determined by ZAOKRET D.O.O.. By purchasing the ticket buyer or visitor, unconditionally accepts the following: the return and replacement of tickets after the purchase is not possible; by leaving the event ticket ceases to be valid unless otherwise determined by Organizer; due to non-compliance with the code of conduct and abuse of visitor tickets, a visitor can be expelled from the event without the right to any compensation; customer must not fold, crease, computer manipulated or otherwise alter tickets printed on paper or distributed electronically in a way that damages or alters a linear or 2D code for automatic verification of the ticket validity; ZAOKRET D.O.O. is not responsible for problems occurring due to damage and changes linear and 2D code and / or other mechanical damage on the ticket after the purchase; the buyer shall keep the tickets in a safe place and especially keep them from unauthorized copying until the moment of entrance; ZAOKRET D.O.O. is not responsible for damage caused by loss, theft, forgery and unauthorized copying of tickets. Each identical copy of the ticket, whether printed on paper or distributed electronically is valid so that the entrance to the event will be provided exclusively to the first person to use the ticket, and subsequent complaints are not possible. In case of delay in the event Organizer can not guarantee that seating position will not be taken.

Returns and cash compensation

Purchased tickets can not be returned. All orders and purchased tickets via the Internet are binding and can not be canceled or modified later. In the event of cancellation, a ticket can be: exchanged with a ticket for another event organised by ZAOKRET D.O.O of the customer’s choice, or with the appropriate ZAOKRET D.O.O.’s gift, or customer can request a refund. Tickets can be exchanged at the event box office, by presenting tickets for the canceled event. Refunds for cancellations will be done only by means of payment which was used for the original purchase (in case of card payment refund will be done to a card which was used to purchase a ticket).

Complaints and Customer Service

All the complaints, complaints about the service and questions by customers should be made to the email address kristina@zaokret.com. Complaints can not be handed over by phone.

Other Terms and Conditions

The event visitor agrees that he can be filmed or recorded as part of the audience without restrictions. It is forbidden to bring the equipment to record sound and images as well as beverages, food, bottles, cans, weapons, pyrotechnical devices, and any other items that may endanger the safety of visitors or are prohibited by the organizers of the event.

Shipping methods

Tickets are delivered to the customer via e-mail to the address entered during the purchase process. ZAOKRET D.O.O. is not liable for damage caused by entering the wrong e-mail address or the inability to deliver the tickets caused by technical problems with the customer’s e-mail services. Once you have an electronic ticket stored successfully on your computer, print it on a standard sheet of paper. With the ticket you will get the bill. Please do not crop ticket because the ticket is valid only if the sheet of paper on which the ticket was printed is intact. Store ticket in a safe place until the day of event for which the ticket is purchased because the admittance to the event is given exclusively to the first person who shows a copy of the ticket. On arrival at the venue, e-ticket is used in the same way as a traditional printed ticket or otherwise as instructed by the organizers.

Payment methods

All fees related to the payments are printed on the ticket.

Cash at the point of sale and cash register

You can purchase tickets with cash only at the event box office.

Credit card at the cash register or point of sale

Payment by credit card is possible at the event box office.

Credit card in the webshop

It is possible to buy tickets for all the events in our internet shop, by credit card. Payment in our internet shop use Wirecard payment gateway. Wirecard provides complete confidentiality of your credit card data from the moment they are entered in the payment form. Payment data is transmitted encrypted from your browser to the bank that issued the card. We never come in contact with the complete data of your payment card. Isolated core independently carries and manages sensitive data, while keeping them completely safe. Form for entry of payment data is SSL secured for maximum reliability. Wirecard meets all requirements for security of online payments stipulated by the leading card brands, and operates in compliance with standard – PCI DSS Level 1 – the highest security standard of the Payment Card Industry. Wirecard considers all collected information as a banking secret and treats them accordingly. The information is used solely for the purposes for which it is intended. Your sensitive data is completely safe, and their privacy is guaranteed by the most modern safeguards. Only data necessary to perform the work in accordance with the prescribed procedures is demanded for online payment. Security controls and operating procedures applied at the infrastructure ensure the reliability of the current system of Wirecard. In addition, Wirecard maintains strict access control and regular monitoring of security to prevent network vulnerabilities maintain and improve the level of system security protection of your credit card data.

Conversion statement

All payments will be done in Croatian currency (Kuna). For customers from abroad, when charging your credit card, the amount in Kuna shown on an online shop will be converted to your local currency at the exchange rate of the bank who issued the credit card. As a result of this conversion there is a possibility of a slight difference from the original price stated in our internet shop.

Protection of personal data

Your personal information is protected and will not be given to third parties. Your data is only to facilitate the process of order.


Cookies are information stored on your computer, which extend the functionality of AgentCASH portal. In the default setting, your computer accepts cookies, and if you want to turn off, you will no longer be available for functions like single click and personalized homepage. AgentCASH does not use cookies to store personal information, so your privacy is guaranteed.


Organizer uses your e-mail address only for the ordering process unless you choose to want to receive the newsletter. Cancellations, delays and other important notices will be forwarded to you by e-mail. Furthermore, we will notify you about important improvements to our website / webshop / buying process. In any event, the organizer does not send unsolicited advertising messages via e-mail.


Our online service constitutes an agreement with the use and storage of your information. Any changes in our business, relating to privacy and data protection, will be posted on our website.