What to expect

Everyone is talking about this special atmosphere and energy.

So you decided to come too.

What can you expect?

How to get the most of it for the first time?

Take business cards, a lot of them

Dress business casually

Relax, smile, be open

It is normal, even expected to come and introduce yourself to anyone you like

Best way to introduce your self is short, simple and interesting - e.g. problem, solution your company offers for that problem and benefits you offer to your customers.

Listen to other people

GIVE, GIVE, GIVE - information, attention, contact, advice... Yes there are networking games on our events, and you will be able to meet few or a lot of people, but you won't meet everyone of 100, 200 or even more people everytime you come. But that IS the idea of true networking to GIVE not to TAKE in the short term. So Business Cafe is not the event where your potential clients will be served on a silver platter to you- you will have to build a relationship to get them. Business Cafe is about people, giving, helping each other succeed, supporting each other, caring and sharing.

Don't forget to enjoy!