We offer 4 types of licences

Business Café are organized social events of small entrepreneurs and those who want to become ones. In addition to our own event in Zagreb, Business Cafe has expanded through selling licences in other parts of Croatia, then Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Montenegro, FYR Macedonia and Austria.

If you want to grow your own business and help other entrepreneurs grow theirs and you are looking for new challenges – join us.

If you are a successful local entrepreneur with minimum of 5 years of experience in marketing, events, PR or similar and you share our values please contact

Business Café in guests

One time 300 EUR per event fee

Business Café in house

Events for companies in order to encourage entrepreneurship and/or connecting companies with their clients

One time 1.000 EUR per event fee

City licence

Includes regular business type events as well as Business Cafe in guests

We suggest that you organize 4 to 6 events a year

3.000 EUR annual fee

Country licence

Includes all types of events

No limit

One year contract

10.000 EUR initial annual fee

Who can be a member of Business Cafe family?

  • Respectable and successful local entrepreneur
  • Has his own company for at least 3 ideally 5 years
  • Has a great network
  • Good person
  • Knows what is a licence/franchise
  • Is aware that with Business Cafe he receives sales and promotional tool which, if he knows how to use well, can help him increase his reputation and business as well as grow his network even more
  • Has good energy
  • Inspires others to change
  • He wants to inspire others to start and (more successfully) run their own business
  • Innovative
  • Has money to pay for licence immediately, invests in start and pays everything on time and in whole amount
  • Is persistant – doesn’t give up, has continuity in events
  • Has his own products and services to sell to his and the whole Business Cafe audience
  • He wants to invest time, money, effort into this project
  • Likes challenges
  • Wants to help and inspire others to start something on their own
  • Has experience in event management and PR
  • Has experience in delegating and leadership
  • Has experience in negotiating
  • Has successfully found sponsors in the past
  • Has experience in dealing with different types of companies and institutions
  • Continuously works on himself – NLP or any other communications skills etc.
  • Always takes 100% responsibility
  • Interested in business, profit, and impact
  • Likes to help people
  • Has a giving, not taking attitude
  • Knows how to say no
  • Likes to share knowledge, information, contacts
  • Has a sense for family, team
  • Has a good private/business life and is satisfied with it
  • Full of energy and contagious enthusiasm
  • Has a nice, honest smile
  • Is not ashamed to sell
  • Has experience in selling and negotiating
  • Likes Business Cafe and sees business opportunity to make sinergy with his other businesses and contacts
  • Contacts us

Licensees comments

“I bought my BC license without ever going to any of their events. Positive vibes were immediately recognized, also the success and the created inspirational bond between entrepreneurs. Every new event surpasses the last one and each one of them gives me new business opportunities, I can connect with other people and because of BC one can meet people, do business with them – overall it gives you everything you need businesswise. I’m proud to be a part of the BC team and would like to give gratitude to the queen bee Kristina for enabling the license, creating our energy and spreading the business throughout the world.”


– Zorica Jakolin, owner of Zory Events, license holder for Business Café Slovenia

“Business Café is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to hear experiences of others, create new business contacts, find like-minded people, and motivate themselves for further work. Personally, it has always been useful for me because you can only learn more, never less. It is extremely interesting listening to stories about business startups, various business experiences, and successes. Every entrepreneur needs this encouraging and positive social event. It is simply necessary to take a moment to get away from the hecticness of everyday work and to find time to network at the Business Café. You won’t be sorry!”


– Kristina Androlić, owner of Androlić Consulting, license holder for Business Café North Croatia

“Buying the business cafe license had and still has a major influence in my life because if it weren’t for it, today I wouldn’t have been an entrepreneur and I wouldn’t have my own company. The advantage of the license is that it is designed in advance and the rules are previously set up so that no hot water needs to be invented. I own the license for several years now and so far I haven’t regretted it and not once have I wondered why I bought it. Besides the great transfer of knowledge and experience, I have gained a family in the region. Together we share our ideas, experiences and various situations that happen to us on a daily basis. By sharing these things, we become more professional and more attractive to our audience throughout the region.”


– Katerina Kotlareska, license holder for Macedonia

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