April 2018

How to Sell Your Company

Six years ago I was among the first people to be active on the Croatian start-upscene by encouraging the education of hundreds of people to start their own business. Now I mostly work with already existing entrepreneurs on how to build their business, and occasionally I have some inquiries to help people to sell their business. Especially at the end of the tax period and during the holiday season when people stop and ask themselves why they needed it at all. 🙂
I always remember with a smile a colleague from Great Britain, who just like me then, had his […]

How to Achieve Everything in Good Time

The most common question in my inbox, especially in the last month is – how do you do it, achieve everything in good time, what „do you take“…
This is true especially lately because behind me is the most intense period of travel – in 8 days I have been to 4 states, 6 cities, before that and after that some shorter trips, and the reason is the rapid growth and expansion of Business Café.
A dear friend who fulfilled her dream a year ago and enrolled in acting lessons had the other day her first show. She did not even […]

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November 2017

Letter to younger self

I wrote about this recently in my new book, and for one new magazine, but here is a special version for my blog. What I would say to my younger self from today’s perspective ( I am 41 while writing this) would look something like this:
School grades are not important.
Knowlege is.
Life knowledge and life school is.
Work less, enjoy and have fun more.
If you marry (and don’t hurry) keep your surname (as well)
Read, read, read.
Travel, travel, travel.
Don’t miss sex because of your pride and proving something to your partner.
Everything is ok with you, just find your people, find your tribe.
Put […]

Come out of the closet of unnecessary modesty

This one is just for smart successful female entrepreneurs.
Soon the World will celebrate The Global Week of Entrepreneurship (around November 15th). Again, I am thankful and privileged to be a President of the Jury to select the best Croatian Female Entrepreneur organized by the largest female entrepreneur network in SE Europe, Women in Adria.
Such great stories, such great ladies. And there are sooo many of them.
We only face „two problems“ when we chose them.
The first and the biggest one is that we have to somehow get these women to apply. Usually we listen to excuses such – oh, I […]

How much does 1 kilo of humanity cost?

Have you ever been to a Third World country as a tourist and you wanted to buy something, let’s say a hand made souvenir from a local person. And then you negotiated a lower price. A lower price to a person who in her lifetime can never earn as much as your monthly salary.
Have you ever worked in a Purchasing Department of some Corporation, and you negotiated such a low price from a local entrepreneur, or a single mom entrepreneur that they can barley exist with that. And you said you will pay them in 60, 90 days because […]

October 2017

Meaning – People – Happiness – business lectures reminder

On our 40th Business Cafe in Zagreb, our guest Boris has mentioned GROWTH with meaning, growth until the HIGHEST POINT without burning OURSELVES, our EMPLOYEES, but also GROWTH which CORRESPONDS to our WAY of living and personality.
With that, it is good to remember that we can’t always grow linearly. And the question is à when is more more, and when less becomes more? Think about it. What will you do with more work and money, if you are losing your health, family, friends and you don’t have the time to enjoy your earned money. It is obvious […]

August 2017


After the successful launch of an online course on Udemy, called “How to build your business without getting burned out”, Kristina Ercegović, our CEO published her new book – “What’s your ROI on Joy – My life. My business. My rules.”
The e-book is available to purchase on Amazon, just follow the link:
In addition, we offer the possibility of ordering a printed version of the book on the link:


April 2017

The Power of Regret

They say that on our deathbed, we regret five things (there is a book with the same title) but mainly people regret NOT doing something rather than doing it. That is what ‘ask for forgiveness not permission’ means. 🙂
People are usually sorry for not doing what they love, for listening to others, for not living on their own terms, for not saying I love you or sorry.
Regret is powerful. It can be powerful if we use it as a fuel to live right here, right now, and 100%.
I believe I do this well and advise others to use the […]

It’s Great That Women Lead, the Problem Is That They Lead in a Masculine Way

…is something a fellow author and consultant told me recently.
While Iceland requires proof of equal pay, in the country I live in men discuss what rights will they take away from women and the Catholic Church publishes books written by women telling other women to listen to their husbands like they are Gods.
Although it is 2017, we still have an issue of the so-called glass ceiling. No matter what we say, it exists – more so in corporations and less in entrepreneurship.
Being an entrepreneur means being your own boss, so if you are a female entrepreneur you can create an […]

A Note to My Younger Self – Relax

I am about to finish my new book and one of the chapters is a note to my younger self – what would we say to ourselves when we start our entrepreneurial journey. I asked 50 entrepreneurs from 10 countries to share their notes with me.
With so many interesting answers, one thing was in common for all – RELAX, DON’T WORRY, DON’T WAIT, ACT AS SOON AS YOU CAN. AND ALWAYS, ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR INTUITION.
Others recognized the importance who we spend time and do business with, and how setting up a standard operating procedures – having everything defined […]

The Setting Goals Pitfall

Until my now 8 year old son Luka was born, whatever I wanted I just set a goal by writing it down on a piece of paper, and at the end of the year I just crossed it with a pen. My sense of satisfaction due to achieving them did not last very long, so I immediately set a new goal. And a new one. As a result, a sense of satisfaction lasted shorter and shorter.
Few years after my son was born, my life as I knew it until then fell apart, so I did not want to set […]

March 2017

The Dark Side of Entrepreneurship — Truths We Rarely Talk About

With all this think positive, you can do whatever you want to, there is no better time than now to become an entrepreneur and anything is possible bullshit we rarely talk about the other side of entrepreneurship. And there is one. The dark one.
Entrepreneurs work long hours.
They take big risks.
They live under constant pressure and in an environment of uncertainty.
They feel alone. And misunderstood. It is hard for them to find any support.
They often doubt themselves.
They never have enough money or time.
They are always under pressure.
They are in a lot of pain and frustration.
They feel insecure.
Their family relationships suffer.
Their […]

August 2016

Life Detox

My 40-day holiday for this summer is over and one of the first things I started / continued to do is writing blogs, including this one because that makes me immensely happy. One part of my holiday I spent with my son, a part with my partner, a part with a friend, a part by myself – on a detox program in Slovenia, at Radenci Health Resort where I was really impressed with service, food, and of course with losing 7 kg in eight days with no effort and sacrifice, but enjoying and under medical observation. Definitely an experience […]

How to Rekindle the Love And Passion For Your Business?

In my inbox were waiting for me several similar questions on this subject because somehow I mostly work with entrepreneurs who are in business 3-10 years and are in the period of life when they will burn out or already are burnt-out, so here I will try to answer this question through my blog.
We are not alone. It is normal, especially when we relax during vacation or if we feel that relaxing magic in Dalmatia, to question it all… does it make sense to go back to work, do we love our business at all, isn’t it easier to […]

May 2016

Be Your Own Boss: The Two Steps Before

I often found myself in a role of a person who encourages people to start their own business. Basically, all conversations and thinking start from an idea. Then people entangle themselves in seeking finances, starting up a business, setting up work, possible employment of staff, organizing the work, and of course there is sales, marketing, and God willing – managing the growth, etc.
However, there are two very important steps before any idea, before starting up your own business. We do not even think about them. Those two steps are crucial for our success and often we are not aware […]

Women’s (Lack of) Solidarity

Around 8 March everybody was talking about women’s entrepreneurship in the whole region. This year, despite numerous calls to the same panels I successfully avoided all meetings in Zagreb (many were just moneylaundering, and by that I mean that people who work in this field for years get very rarely or not at all the subsidies, while the others just show up and at once pick up a considerable amount of money), but I was in Belgrade and Sarajevo.
Let’s go one by one.
First, there is no women’s entrepreneurship; entrepreneurship knows no gender, age, nothing… There are no glass ceilings, […]

The Other Side of the Coin: Entrepreneurial Depression

Don’t worry, I continue to claim – there is nothing more beautiful in life than to be your own boss. To change the world for the better through your own business. Inexpressible happiness and freedom, yes, but is there the other side of the entrepreneurship?
What is the right price of our success? For us and people around us? For our children that watch us working continually all the time, for our partners, if we still have them on our side, for our employees, which we push, for our friends, if they are still with us…
Where is the hidden price […]