"We met on Business Cafe as we are both holders of licensee but in different countries, Zori transfered her know-how on events and I started another business in Macedonia." Katerina Kotlareska Read More
"After visiting and even pitching on Business Cafe I quit my job and started CookHub, coworking for cooking." Josipa Bračanov Read More
"After visiting Business Cafe I got a job as Kristina's assistant, and one of the opportunities I got was to hold a TED Talk, organized by Viktoria, a holder of Business Cafe license in another city." Mihaela Lekić Read More
"Kristina introduced me with Rašeljek with whom I have a business today, and together we met Davorin, an angel investor with whom we cooperate and hold a business." Katarina Dzale, Unique Travel Set Read More
"On one of Zagreb Business Cafes I met Tvrtko, we became best friends, today we sell his products, he sells ours, together we promote them on fairs sharing costs." Darijan Kosić Read More


Upcoming Events

Business Café Podgorica
Podgorica, Montenegro 27/09/2017 18:00
8. Business Café Sjeverna Hrvatska
Jurja Habdelića 6, Varaždin, Varaždinska županija Croatia 28/09/2017 18:00
Business Café Skopje
Skopje, Macedonia 28/09/2017 18:00


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