Business Café are organized social events of small entrepreneurs and those who want to become ones.

In addition to our own event in Zagreb, Business Cafe has expanded through selling licences in other parts of Croatia, then Slovenia, Bosnia and Hercegovina,  Republic of Macedonia and Austria.

Business Café was held in 25 cities and 5 countries, there have been 200 events, 700 successful stories shared, and more than 15,000 visitors. The value of arranged business partnerships via networking on site surpasses 20 million euros.

Find out more about Business Café movement. What it brings you, and why join it?

Next Upcoming Events

18:00 - 21:00
Hotel Europe, Vladislava Skarića, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Hotel Europe, Vladislava Skarića, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

24. Business cafe u Sarajevu – Ono smo što vjerujemo da jesmo!

Global Market Solutions najavljuje dvadesetčetvrti Business cafe koji će se održat 27.februara sa početkom u 18:00 sati, u hotelu Europa, Sarajevo. Business cafe je jedinstveni networking ...

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MY FIRST BUSINESS CAFE - What to expect?

Everyone is talking about this special atmopshere and energy. So you decided to come too. What can you expect? How to get the most of it for the first tme?


How to Sell Your Company

Six years ago I was among the first people to be active on the Croatian start-upscene by encouraging the […]

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How to Achieve Everything in Good Time

The most common question in my inbox, especially in the last month is – how do you do it, […]

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“After visiting and even pitching on Business Cafe I quit my job and started CookHub, coworking for cooking.”
Josipa Bračanov

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“We met on Business Cafe as we are both holders of licensee but in different countries, Zori transfered her […]

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“After visiting Business Cafe I got a job as Kristina’s assistant, and one of the opportunities I got was […]

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“Kristina introduced me with Rašeljek with whom I have a business today, and together we met Davorin, an angel […]

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Your business can only grow to the level you grow. For things to change you must change.


Kristina is a serial entrepreneur, book and blog author, founder of Business Café movement and she believes that we are here to be happy, to lead purposeful, a meaningful businesses and life.


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